Why do you say “miss” ? Do I look single?

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Oh, I’m excited to bond a little with April. She’s like the little sister I never had. Because the little sister I do have is normal and not terrifying.

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the little mermaid by  Josef Palecek

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The pair are anti-heroines in the mould of an Elaine Benes or a Roseanne Conner, characters who are not beloved for feminine virtues of ‘kindness’ or ‘niceness’, but for living their lives unapologetically. - Nicole Elphick

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”It took me 10 years to be ready for this. I’ve got a pretty good foundation of friends and family that will always keep me grounded no matter what. But I don’t think I would have been ready for it 10 years ago. So I’m really happy with the way it worked out. You need to learn how to do this. You need to learn how to keep your cool, learn how to be a leader on set, learn how to act. F—-, I still know I’ve got a ton to learn. It’s all a learning experience. I’m going to school every day.” [x]

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